Grow beyond with 30+ Features!

Dentex has everything you need to run a dental office. You can have all the functionalities and none of the weaknesses of the old all-paper system and the convenience of a digital system, all this without losing that touch of personalized service.

So, what features does Dentex have to make your dental clinic operations better ?

Complete Patient Profile Management. Retrieve data regarding any patient including his or her age, gender, billing address, medical history and other information. It is now possible with a single click. There is no more need to look through any paper files or notebooks.

Extensive Teeth Charting.Those old slides can only do so much. The extensive charting system can give you more information about how effective a treatment was or how it is progressing.

Complete User Defined Procedure Images.You can now keep images of how a treatment is proceeding and attach them to patient records.

Treatment Planning.Chances are that you are treating some patients for the long-term are high. There is no way you can remember what stage of treatment each of them is in. Let Dentex handle this for you.

Appointments Management. If you happen to run a big clinic that is always busy, it might be easy to lose track of when a patient is scheduled for a regular checkup, a cleaning or a tooth extraction. With the appointments manager you can always keep track of who needs what and when.

Calendar Management.Do you still use a calendar to mark your important dates? This might be useful for family and special occasions, but it’s not practical for your business. Calendars can get lost or misplaced and you can only scribble so much information on a calendar. Sometimes you have too many marks on the same date that you cannot read them anymore. With Dentex you can have an organized and detailed record of scheduled appointments, supply deliveries, office maintenance and other important events.

Payments Management and TrackingKeeping track of your accounts payable manually can be a tasking duty, not to mention that any mistake you make or payment you miss means lost income. Dentex has a built-in payment management system that will make sure this will never happen.

SMS Reminders Do you often forget to SMS your patients about their next appointment? The SMS feature of Dentex can readily do this for you. No more fiddling around with gadgets you may not be familiar with. Just save a template message and the software will take over from there.

There is also the bulk SMS feature for when you want to reach many patients at once for notifications, cancellations, promotions or other important announcements.

Email Reminders.If you feel SMS is not enough, you can also send emails to your patients.

Reports Generation.Use Dentex to generate reports quickly. Previously you had to search through past records just to make a report, now you no longer have to, all you do is specify what data you want and ask Dentex to generate the report automatically.

Prescription. What was the last medicine you prescribed to a patient? When did you start prescribing it? Is this patient allergic to any medication? You can’t be expected to remember everything, but Dentex can.

Documents. Do you feel you have to keep insignificant transaction records, receipts or invoices? Now you can.

Dashboard. Dentex’s functions will be readily accessible on your computer screen in a single frame. There is no more need to open multiple pages to get to different functions, or information that you want. Now everything is in one place.

Full Backup.Yes, even digital files can be lost. This is why Dentex has a backup system. Even if you lose some of your files you can be assured that copies of them are safely stored on the cloud, and you can access them fully at any time.

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